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Luxury Dog Beds

Luxury Dog Beds: Your Dog Deserves the Best Dog Beds Around

To many dog owners, their dog is their best friend. If not their best friend, many consider their dog a part of the family. So when getting them a dog bed, why not get them the best dog bed around? If you think about it, your dog probably goes to sleep around the same time that you do. And if they do, you can say that they spend around 8 hours a day sleeping. When you calculate that, it’s safe to say that you, and your dog, spend one-third of your lives sleeping in bed. That is a lot of time in bed. 


Choosing the right dog bed for your furry pal is important for many reasons. First of all, having the right dog bed will ensure that your dog will have a good night’s sleep. If the bed is uncomfortable they might struggle to fall asleep. Even if they fall asleep, they cannot get the deep sleep that is needed because an uncomfortable dog bed will cause them to move around restlessly through the night. Lack of sleep can affect your dog’s mood, make them more lazy, less motivated and affect their eating habits. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed can also lead to more serious problems, like joint and muscle pain. 


Getting the best dog bed possible for your furry friend is imperative to their health. That is why, here at Club Nine Pets, located in Moorpark, CA, we offer luxury dog beds. These are not your average dog beds. These are luxury dog beds made with your dog’s comfort and health in mind. Not only do our luxury dog beds provide a high level of comfort that is needed for a good night’s rest but they also come in a variety of styles to compliment the furniture in your home. Our luxury dog beds are durable, easy to clean and pet-friendly. 


Do your dog a favor and get them the best dog bed around. They truly deserve it. If you would love to check out our selection of dog beds, go to We have a great selection of styles available that will look great in any home. Our furniture is made with the same structure and support as traditional furniture.  Our orthopedic beds are made with high-quality foam and Virgin Polyester Fiber Fill, not only our beds last longer, but also provide a greater comfort and support. Evenly distribute and balance a dog’s weight and relieve any stress on joints and muscles. Provides a greater comfort and consistent even seating support. The luxury dog beds at Club Nine Pets are the next trend in dog beds.