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Luxury Dog Sofa

Are You Tired of Looking At Your Dog’s Old Bed and Want a Dog Sofa to Match The Decor Of Your Home?

Are you tired of looking at your dog’s old bed? Are you looking for dog den furniture that will go more with the aesthetics of your home? If you answered yes to these questions, then go and check out Club Nine Pets to see what great dog den furniture that they have in store for you. Club Nine Pet is a leading dog den furniture company located in Moorpark, CA. They have everything from luxury dog sofas, dog chaise, to dog beds. When they started their business, they understood that a dog bed is also a piece of home decor. That is why they have set the design standard for dog den furniture withwith flexibility of fabric selections and value. They maka sure that every luxury dog sofa and dog bed made has quality and style written all over it. 


Have you ever wondered why your dog prefers the couch over his dog bed? The cushioning of a couch provides much better support and is easier on a dog’s joints. A dog’s bone composition and joint structure is not much different than a human. Dog Beds filled with chunks of foam, fiber, or other small particles do not offer best therapeutic support for your pet. Our dog sofas is made with the same structure and support as traditional furniture, providing maximum comfort and support for your pets. 


Not two people, or dogs, are alike. That is why, at Club Nine Pets, they offer a variety of luxury dog sofa styles. Like their Metro collection. From home to work to gathering with friends, Metro Style is casual confidence ruled by comfort. These furnishings live with you not you with them. Loft, apartment or townhome this group is a canvas ready for interpretation. There is nothing that they want more than to help you feel confident knowing that you made a great purchase. 


Great customer service is always a given at Club Nine Pets. They are locally owned and operated and we will go above and beyond to make sure you get the service and products that you deserve. They also work with retailers, so if you are someone who would like to partner up with Club Nine Pets and bring these wonderful dog sofas to your area, contact them today. 


If you are tired of looking at that old, out of style dog bed, then make sure to check out Club Nine Pet’s luxury dog sofas today. We encourage you to check out to learn more about their company and to see all the wonderful dog den furniture they have to offer.