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Modern Dog Beds

Club Nine Pets Modern Dog Beds - Furniture Style Dog Beds Built for Comfort and Style

When it comes to finding your dog the perfect bed, there is no one size fits all model. A chihuaha requires a dog bed for small dogs and a German Shepherd requires a dog bed built for larger dogs. But it’s just not the size of the dog that matters when finding the best dog bed for your furry pal. Weight and age are also important factors. There are other things, such as their sleeping style, if they like to chew things and many other factors. Finding the right dog bed is like choosing a sleeping mattress for yourself. Of course, you want one that will make you feel comfortable throughout the night. One that will make you feel refreshed when you wake up, instead of feeling achy. We spend 7-8 hours of our day in bed, so of course you want one that will provide the most comfort. This is the same for your dog. Even if they are not sleeping, your dog will spend a lot of time hanging out on their dog bed. 


When it comes to finding the perfect dog bed, you always want to shop with comfort in mind. A good night’s sleep is imperative to your dog’s health. Not only will they have better sleep, which will prevent moodiness, laziness and a lack of motivation, but a comfy bed will also aid in muscle and joint health. 


So the first thing you should do when shopping for a dog bed is start with your dog’s size. Again, a small dog will require a dog bed for small dogs and a big dog will require a bigger bed. Measure from nose to tail and choose a bed size that’s slightly bigger so they have enough room to sprawl out and move around. Now, here comes the tricky part - finding the one that is the most comfiest for your dog. Like we stated earlier, there is no one size fits all model. So how do you know what’s right for your dog? Considering all the different factors mentioned earlier, you are just going to have to test out different ones or read reviews on modern dog beds. If you are having a tough time deciding, we welcome you to check us out.


Here at Club Nine Pets, in Moorpark, CA, we have modern dog beds that are built for the highest level of comfort. Our orthopedic beds are made with high-quality foam and Virgin Polyester Fiber Fill that will evenly distribute and balance a dog’s weight and relieve any stress on joints and muscles. We have dog beds for small dogs and dog beds for big dogs as well. Plus, not only are our dog beds built for comfort, but for style as well. We have a great selection of furniture style dog beds that will compliment the style of your home. If you are interested in checking out our furniture style dog bed, check out our site at