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Velvet Dog Sofa

Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Dog Rather Lay On The Couch Than His Own Dog Bed?

If you have ever wondered why your dog prefers your couch over his own dog bed, the answer is simple: The cushioning of a couch provides much better support than an average dog bed, and it is easier on their joints. A dog’s bone composition and joint structure is not much different than a human. Dog beds filled with chunks of foam, fiber, or other small particles do not offer best therapeutic support for your pet.


But, as much as you love your dog, you don’t want them taking up space and shedding fur on the couch, especially when you have guests over. That is why Club Nine Pets brings you an alternative with their overstuffed luxury dog sofas. 


Club Nine Pets Mission:

Standard dog beds, are clunky, ugly, provide easy access to bugs and fleas, and can hurt a dog's joints. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he or she loves themselves; and with that in mind, Club Nine Pets has set out to make a bed that your dog will love just as much as you love him or her.


They redesigned and reimagined what a dog bed should be in order to provide the highest level of comfort for our most loyal friends. However, they didn't stop there. They understand that although you may not be sleeping in it, your dog bed will become a piece of your home decor for years to come. It should speak to you and be an outlet for self expression just like the rest of your home. They have set the design standard for the pet industry with flexibility of fabric selections and value. Today, their product line includes a broad variety of styles and more than a hundred fabrics to choose from.


Club Nine Pets, located in Moorpark, CA, offers dog chaise lounge, velvet dog sofas and more. Choose from a variety of styles like their Soho collection that displays of modern lines and uses color in a very clever way that portrays the culture of New York. Or their Metro collection, which offers casual confidence ruled by comfort. A selection of pet-friendly fabrics also offers pleasing aesthetics while offering solutions that are built no matter what life sends your way. 


So if you are looking for an overstuffed luxury dog sofa that your dog will surely love and that will compliment the furnishings in your home, go check out Club Nine Pets today. You can order straight from their website at And if you are a retailer who would love to offer their dog chaise lounge,  velvet dog sofas, or whatever overstuffed luxury dog sofa they offer, contact them today.