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Dog bed with Remoavble Covers

Unlike With More Abstract And Interpretable Creative Pursuits, There Are Definite Elements That Go Into “Great” Designs And Quality Furniture.

Dog bed with Removable Cushions

Take Almost Any “Good” Design And You Can Likely See Where Making Tiny Adjustments Could Make It A “Great” Design. The Thing About Design, Though, Is That Greatness Is Usually Quantifiable.

Detail often equals effort. A manufacturer who takes the time to focus on the small details of furniture, has an edge over those who don’t take the extra hour or two to add those final touches that make a huge difference in how a design is perceived.  We all know labor is lot less expensive for import products, therefor adding details to exterior of their products will make it look like more value, but if you look inside one of these furniture you will notice the details on outside does not match the quality on the inside, the things that 90% of people won’t notice outright but result in more Value and quality furniture.

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