We hold ourselves to a standard of style and design that has never been seen in a dog bed before. We understand your home is a place for self-expression, a place where every item tells a story, and a place where you are free to express every aspect of your personality and unique style. We believe your dog's bed should not be an exception, after all, our dogs are a big part of who we are. 

Golden retriever puppy Sawyer


For far too long, quality and style in pet furniture has been neglected, simply because its end users are pets. We refuse to conform to the misconception that your pets deserve lesser quality goods just because they cannot communicate their dissatisfaction.

We would like to introduce you the mastermind behind Club Nine, Sawyer. As soon as he was big enough to jump on the couch, we realized just how much he preferred it over his standard dog bed. His bed was located literally inches away from the couch, right in the middle of the family room, and even when no one was home he still preferred to sleep on the couch.

A dog’s bone composition and joint structure is not much different than a human. Dog Beds filled with chunks of foam, fiber, or other small particles are not enough therapeutic support for our pet. The plush cushioning of a couch provides much better support and is easier on a dog’s joints.

Hence, I began bringing together my two passions, Dogs and Furniture. It was time for innovation.  With over 20+ years of experience in high-end home furniture design and manufacturing, I applied the same principle to Club Nine Pets dog beds.  Now, I am doing what I love and helping my best friend (Sawyer) sleep better and feel better.  



In furniture, the end user’s experience is probably the single-most important element to great furniture design. Regardless of how pretty something is, if it is not usable, it is a failure in terms of design. You must know, research, and anticipate what your end-users will want.

This may or may not be in line with what pet owner wants, so balancing the two can get tricky.

What makes the art of furniture design so unique is that its greatness is usually quantifiable. Unlike more abstract artforms, there are definitive elements that go into “great” designs and quality furniture. However, these elements are rarely ever seen in pet furniture.


If you compare several furniture designs, side-by-side, it is likely you will notice a huge difference in attention to detail among them.

Likely, the ones with more focus on the little details will stand out as being more quality than the others.

Detail often equals effort. A manufacturer who takes the time to focus on the small details of furniture, has an edge over those who don’t take the extra hour or two to add those final touches that make a huge difference in how a design is perceived. 


Great furniture designers are often perfectionists. They want things to be “just so” and will work on a project until they have got it just the way they want it.


Very rarely do they look at a furniture design and think “good enough”.Putting in the extra hours to get it just right is almost always worth it when you look back.

Skipping that extra effort will likely bug you any time you look at the furniture and it does not quite live up to the mental image you had when you purchased it.



The making of our products in Moorpark California supports the livelihood of dozens of people. Each person is proud of the craftsmanship they preserve with every piece that is produced. Club Nine Pets is dedicated to growing our family of craftsmen.

Makeing a dog bed


James is our expert on softness. He is known for being tough on getting the padded with the right thickness and seat cushions in the right density. We do not mess with James when he is crafting your bed.


Elizabeth is finishing a Bed going to a customer in New Jersey. Her smile is a reflection of the pleasure you feel when your dog relaxing in this super comfortable Bed.


Attention to detail ensures the fabric drape and overall look is just right. Natalia is all about “just right.”


Precision cutting guarantees the perfect pattern match. Marcos has the eye.

Club Nine Pets Modern Dog Bed

These Definitive Elements Are Essential in Satisfying Our Mission to Deliver the Highest Quality Pet Furniture Designed for Today’s Lifestyle.

When you choose Club Nine Pets, you’re partnering with a team of experienced industry professionals dedicated to your success.

Club Nine Pets Contempo Collection

Elegant Designs

Balancing the Elements to Create A Great Furniture Design with Comfort and Support for The End User’s Experience, In Designs That Fit the Pet Owner’s Lifestyle.

WOW your customers


We Take Customer Experience as Seriously as You Do. Become a Partner and Let’s WOW Your Customers Together

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