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Beds Feature High-Quality Fabrics That Are Both Durable and Stylish. From Classic Neutrals to Bold Patterns, There Is a Bed to Fit Every Home's Design Style.



Faux Leather

For pet owners, furniture shopping is next to impossible, our couches aren't made for pets and most of us have given up on vacuuming our dog's beg five times a day to keep it looking clean. We know stain-resistant treated fabrics exist, but we believe that exposure to these types of chemicals isn’t beneficial to anyone, especially animals. Trust us, Club Nine knows the struggle, and that's why we carefully chose our fabrics with these four ideals in mind:

  1. Shedding

    • Our wide selection of fabric colors ensures that no matter the color of your dog's fur, you'll find a bed that minimizes the unsightly contrast of your dogs hair to the fabric.

    • We made sure that loose hairs can't be embedded in our fabric, making cleanup a breeze. 

  2.  Clean-ability 

    • Our fabrics won't get ruined by oils natural to every dog's skin

    • Our cushions are machine washable which means you won't have to spray harmful chemicals all over the bed to get those inevitable stains out. 

  3. Durability 

    • We've ensured that the most vulnerable spots on the bed have tightly woven fabrics so ​you pet's claws won't tear the bed. 

    • Our fabrics are dog scratch resistant

    • Each bed is handcrafted and made to stand the test of time. 

  4. Chemical Free

    • We believe that using high quality fabrics is far better than coating a cheap fabric with stain resistant chemicals.

    • Imagine if you never washed your bed sheets! Well standard dog beds today often aren't machine washable, or they're just too bulky to fit in the washer in the first place. Our removable covers make washing your pet's bed easier than washing your own sheets. Which means you can go ahead and throw out those harmful stain removing chemicals. 

We believe that by making each bed with these four pillars in mind, our beds not are only dog-friendly, but family-friendly as well! To see for yourself, take a look at the pro and cons of each fabric we use.

What Is Performance Fabric?

Performance fabric for furniture is fabric that is easy to clean and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. DuraFlax ® Performance fabrics uses no harmful chemicals that could compromise your health like stain protective finishes and sprays. DuraFlax ® Performance fabrics is made from Polypropylene which is an inherently stain resistant fiber due to the fact it has no active dye sites.

Cleaning Instructions

Faux Leather cleans with mild soap with warm water.  Easy to clean stains and wipe pet hair.

All other fabrics are machine washable. Cold water & tumble dry low.

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