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Elevate your pet's comfort and enhance your home's style with the LIDO Elevated Dog Bed by Club Nine Pets. Inspired by mid-century design, this dog bed is a fusion of form and function. It not only boasts a chic appearance but also offers exceptional orthopedic support for your furry companion. The waterproof cushion covers ensure longevity and protection from spills or accidents, while the machine-washable cushion simplifies cleaning. The removable bolster pillow provides customizable support, adding a touch of luxury. With its clean lines and timeless aesthetic, the LIDO Elevated Dog Bed is not just a pet accessory; it's a statement piece that seamlessly blends into your home's decor. Treat your furry friend to the epitome of comfort and elegance with the LIDO Elevated Dog Bed, where mid-century design meets modern convenience and orthopedic well-being.

LIDO True Orthopedic Elevated Dog Bed

PriceFrom $141.96

    • Orthopedic Foam Cushion Provides Support for Joints and Helps to Relieve Pain and Discomfort
    • Waterproof Cushion Cover Ensures Your Pup's Bed Stays Clean and Hygienic 
    • Removable And Machine Washable Cover for Easy Cleaning
    • Elevated Design Keeps Your Dog Off the Cold, Hard Ground
    • Durable Construction That Can Withstand Even the Most Active Dogs
    • Furniture-Quality Design
    • Odor Resistant
    • High Anti-Slip Pads Keep Your Pets’ Bed in Place

    This Bed Is a Great Investment for Your Dog's Health and Happiness


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